HAUD’s Firewall Solution Managed Service offers mobile operators the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their SMS and SS7 firewall solution is configured to ensure maximum protection for their network and subscribers, and maximum A2P SMS revenue potential.

HAUD’s managed service allows for quick results, by avoiding the pitfalls of a steep learning curve and also the operational costs involved in configuring, maintaining and monitoring the firewall.

Firewall Configuration

Our technical experts are on hand to manage your Firewall, making sure that it is always at the optimum configuration.

Hands-on Vigilance

We monitor your network for fraudulent behavior and analyse traffic to ensure active blocking rules are constantly updated and known malicious traffic is pre-emptively blocked.

Tapping into New Revenue

One growth area in which MNOs can generate additional revenues is in A2P messaging. It suffers from fraud and revenue leakage as grey routes are utilised, and also as MNOs fail to maximise opportunities and underestimate the full value A2P messaging can provide for their business.

What do MNOs get through HAUD’s Managed Service?

  • 24/7 traffic and content monitoring.
  • 24/7 administration of the Firewall.
  • 24/7 support on faults from Roaming Partners and Mobile Operator customers.
  • Liaise with aggregators in the market to ensure they comply with increased market price and use the assigned paid channels.
  • Run periodic route testing in order to identify any offending third parties and ensure successful traffic delivery.
  • Use of our Intelligence Database for proactive blocking.
  • Reporting and billing support.

Key Benefits

Our Managed Services offer a host of benefits, without impacting on operational costs, including:

Peace of mind through 24/7 hands-on vigilance

Market-intelligence led filtering and blocking

Increased revenue from A2P monetisation

Immediate results