Our company culture provides the blueprint for who we are. As a company, our values and mission provide the overall direction and scope of why HAUD is the company of choice for mobile operators, aggregators, and messaging hubs. Our culture, however, makes us unique and provides the modus operandi, which is central to our offering.

At HAUD, our challenge is to become the partner of choice for MNOs, aggregators and messaging hubs to enable them to stay in control of their business, protecting their customers and offering even further value.

The brand is more significant than its constituent parts. Team members at HAUD are encouraged continuously to uncover new paths, to be innovative and to always look at improving our solutions, which are a combination of product, service, and culture.

HAUD Culture diagram of three fundamental elements: integrity, passion and collaboration

HAUD in three words

The secret to our success and growth is condensable to three words:


We pride ourselves as to how integral, how open and how ethical our work is. No hiding, no surprises, and definitely no wrist-turning on partners and clients; we work to provide value in a win-win fashion.


Passion is fundamental to our work. We pride ourselves on providing value to clients and partners with the same intensity and engagement as if these businesses were our own.


Collaboration is the main fabric of what makes great companies. Whether this is internal to produce great and dependable products or external partnerships to provide timely, valuable and positively impactful solutions – collaboration enables solutions at scale.

HAUD’s Philosophy

Our core values and philosophy are differentiating factors that enabled most of the success we have delivered for our clients. We are successful when our clients are successful.

Our aim is to bring value to our clients and partners by getting results and helping them to grow and secure their business.

We aim to help mobile network operators, aggregators and messaging hubs to stay in control of their network, revenue assurance and customer experience