We have partnered with HAUD to help us in optimizing current A2P SMS revenue and we recognized that their technical and market knowledge has enabled us to capitalize on this area of business.

Through their technical solution, managed services expertise and business support, we have managed to control and curb the leakage including classic issues with SIM boxes. This has also enabled us to increase the market price, resulting in exponential increases in revenues from this business and in turn putting H3I in a good position to keep investing in best-in-class QoS to its subscribers, clients and partners. We can see the value that HAUD has brought to our organization and we definitely recommend HAUD as a partner for A2P SMS business.

Mr Lisbon Simangunsong

Head of ICR, Hutchison 3 Indonesia


A2P SMS is still a relatively new area in our portfolio and is growing in our market. Managing this channel and protecting the SMS entry points are important requirements to optimize the value for Telkom Group.

We have been working closely with HAUD for A2P SMS protection since 2016 and they have delivered significant sustainable growth for the A2P SMS traffic. We get an awesome support on the day to day operation. Since the beginning of our partnership, Telin and HAUD have maintained a mutual partnership that resulted in overachieving expected goals of both companies. We realize that throughout this time we have developed a constructive collaboration in the telecommunication business and we are looking forward to explore more business opportunities in the short-term and long-term future.

Mr Budi Satria Dharma Purba

CMO, Telin Indonesia


HAUD has brought value by increasing our wholesale revenues and results were delivered almost instantly. With HAUD managing the service and maximising our revenues, we are able to focus on our core business. With hundreds of millions of messages sent across our network every day, ensuring spam and fraudulent SMS messages are blocked is vital. HAUD’s expertise ensures that the messages our subscribers receive are from genuine, trustworthy sources.

Mr Michael Adiguna

AVP Sales Strategy, Telkom Indonesia


Our relationship with HAUD is built on synergy of our companies’ strengths. The technical experience, efficiencies and innovation coupled with our market knowledge and experience are the bases of our mutual success.
The vision at the helm of HAUD together with the team of professionals make their solution one which received astounding comments and more importantly results.

Mr Tonio Ellul

Managing Director & CEO, 365squared Ltd.


HAUD has continuously provided us with solutions to guarantee the longevity of our wholesale SMS business by protecting end users around the world from harmful effects of fraud and spam, while also upholding the networks reputation.

Mr Tom Noel

Managing Director of Wholesale, JT Group Ltd.


We receive very prompt and proactive response from the HAUD team. Their expertise on subject matter and commitment to meet deadlines are impressive. They have proven themselves as a trusted and reliable partner for GP. I wish them all the best.

Mr Ashiqur Rahman

Product Manager, iMessaging, International Roaming & Interconnect Product, Grameenphone