EXECUTE: An effective Messaging Revenue Optimisation strategy enables people, processes and technology to work seamlessly together.

The right tech stack – with automation both enabling real-time data management and facilitating the creation of new client channels – is a game-changer for MNOs. But successful A2P monetisation lies in the combination of automation with human insight and agile processes.

Of all areas of mobile network operators’ business, it is messaging that has seen and undergone some of the greatest transformations.

And there are further changes to come. As organisations accelerate the shift towards digital communications, use cases for business messaging, apps and machine comms will become even more varied and essential.

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CREATE: The engine of any successful A2P monetisation strategy is powered by its capacity to generate new business models

Revving up addressable revenue – from both existing and innovative use cases – is only effective when MNOs have the real-time categorisation capabilities to adopt flexible pricing.

Surging A2P SMS messaging usage – across a multitude of industries – has brought with it a vibrant and imaginative range of services and opportunities.

As A2P communication has gained ever-more traction as the key medium for the dissemination of content and information, embracing this channel has become an increasing necessity for brands.

Yet as millions of global institutions and firms adopt the messaging system as a conduit for countless value-added-services, vast numbers of mobile network operators are still failing to capitalise on its true business value.

In the face of this stasis, MNOs are at a crossroads. On one side, lies a route to A2P monetisation success – with carriers able to CREATE new revenue drivers and charging strategies to dramatically boost the paid-messaging volumes on their network.

On the other – burying their heads in the sand and watching as the great 21st century A2P boomtown passes them by.

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ACTION: Powerful business intelligence is worthless unless you take action to use it.

MNOs should grab the bull by the horns – and act now to gain mastery of their A2P revenue.

The booming A2P market is at a critical juncture. On one side – its rocketing success as the trusted business messaging medium of millions of global institutions and businesses.

On the other – its potential future deterioration, facilitated both by MNOs inertia in stopping revenue leakage to grey routes, and also from carriers failing to protect, and to capitalise on, the channel’s true business value.

The first step to A2P messaging success is installing a next-generation firewall, enabling MNOs full visibility and intelligence over the traffic passing through their network.

But we explain why it is the ACTION carriers then take on these insights – to plug sources of A2P leakage and to construct revenue drivers – that serves as the propulsive force needed to send profits skyward.

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Meet HAUD at MWC 2018

The beginning of the year brings with it the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry – Mobile World Congress 2018. Organised by the GSMA in the Mobile World Capital, Barcelona. The congress will be held between the 26 February – 1 March 2018 at Fira Gran Via. The cosmopolitan capital of Spain’s Catalonia region […]

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Meet HAUD at AfricaCom 2017

Between 7th and 9th of November 2017 anyone who’s anyone in African telecoms and technology will be at AfricaCom 2017. Published as the opening statement on the event website it’s hard to not agree with the organisers, as this is definitely one of the most significant events for telecoms industry in the African continent. “Three […]

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Reach us out at WAS#5 in Macao

Wholesale Agreements and Solutions Group Conference (WAS) is a networking and information sharing event organised by GSMA and it is a must-attend for the experts…

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HAUD Deploys A2P Firewall in Cambodia

Following their recent success in deploying an A2P monetisation solution for Vinaphone, HAUD has increased its South-East Asia presence with an additional solution for an operator…

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SMS Firewall vs SMS Probe

While Mobile Network Probes and SMS Firewalls are different solutions altogether, they complement each other to achieve the common goal of network security…

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Levelling the playing field through SS7 security

With a proven case for monetisation and increasing levels of protection against grey route usage, the A2P industry has stabilised in recent years and is now predicted to see values rise to more than $70.32 billion USD by 2020*. “… MNOs can protect their brand reputations and customers, all while still generating revenue.” Most SMS […]

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