HAUD is dedicated to providing services and delivering solutions to protect, secure and increase revenues for mobile network operators.

Established in 2010, HAUD has gained its place as a leading expert in revenue assurance, monetisation and telecommunication security, delivering its services and solutions to leading telecommunications players around the world.

We are opening our doors to partners who would like to get involved with HAUD and be part of HAUD’s rapidly expanding success.

  • Are you looking to expand your business?
  • Are you looking to differentiate your business and create a new revenue stream?
  • Do you think HAUD can compliment your products or services?

Choose your partnership type and join a team of experienced and talented individuals.

partner with haud silver partnership model

Silver Partner

  • Become a reseller type partner promoting HAUD’s products and services.
  • Refer HAUD to prospective clients and assist in closing deals to get a share or commission.
  • Then let HAUD do the work.

haud gold partnership program

Gold Partner

  • Be part of a complete journey, work as an active player and jointly offer solutions to prospective clients.
  • Ideal for Partners looking to expand their product portfolio and increase their revenue stream.
  • This partnership is for organisations who are looking for an active partner role.

haud partnership program platinum

Platinum Partner

  • A bilateral partnership where both partner and HAUD will be adding and promoting each other’s product portfolio.
  • Ideal for partners looking to expand their product offering, in conjunction with their existing product portfolio.

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