HAUD’s Wholesale SMS Security Solution allows international SMS gateways and aggregators to monitor all outbound traffic, helping you to stay on top of traffic quality and volumes.

A comprehensive suite of firewall modules which prevents spam or fraudulent traffic from being delivered to subscribers of your interconnect partners via your gateway, and also safeguards your reputation as an integral bulk SMS solutions provider.


Key Features


Automatically categorise traffic by volume, source and content for quality assurance purposes

HardBlock Modules

Implement blocking rules based on traffic originator, sender ID and content, to stop illicit traffic leaving your network


Blacklist specific phrases, as well as wildcards, within messages to identify and block spam traffic based on content, before they reach subscribers.


Set up precise blocking rules to ensure only traffic from designated senders is sent to mobile operators.


Customised for the Needs of Your Network

HAUD works with you to identify the ideal technical set-up for your gateway, whether it’s SMPP, SS7 or SIGTRAN.

HAUD creates and deploys the right solutions for you, so you can enjoy complete visibility and control over your outbound traffic.


Quarantine (optional)

Retain messages in temporary storage for further analysis, prior to delivery or blocking.

Active/Passive Mode

Active mode allows changes made by authorised users to have immediate effect on live traffic. In passive mode, the module gathers traffic information and alerts the user to unusual events.

Time Options

Determines the date and time when a rule comes into effect, enabling you to deliver A2P SMS to mobile subscribers only at prescribed times.

SMS and Email Alerts

User-defined alerts based on pre-set thresholds.

Statistical and Graphical Reporting

Scheduled and on-demand traffic reports available in CSV or graphical PDF format.

Event Data Records

Comprehensive information logs of key traffic events that can be easily integrated with other Business Intelligence (BI) platforms, facilitating accurate billing reconciliation.