HAUD is a team of professionals with expertise in network solutions. We work closely with MNOs to achieve maximum results in revenue assurance and network protection.

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How we can help


Signalling security consultancy

As an MNO you might have already taken security measures to counteract potential signalling attacks, but are you properly protected and are you protected against all the current threats?

Monetisation and A2P channels

Nowadays all MNOs know about A2P monetisation and why they need to have a proper monetisation solution. Do you have the right set up? Do you have the right pricing and partner strategy?

Resource utilisation and optimisation

Network resources have now become a precious resource that might become costly if not managed properly and optimised. HAUD can help you analyse network utilisation and identify efficiency improvement opportunities avoiding higher license or scale up costs.

Utilisation of currently owned or purchased solutions

MNOs need to focus on their core business and when a solution is purchased it is not necessarily audited for efficiency or effectiveness over time. Are these solutions yielding to the full potential? Are they underutilised/overutilised or pose business continuity risks?

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