Ensure to stay in control on how best to monetise A2P messaging traffic.

Smart Bid is a bidding solution targeted towards mobile network operators to empower them to maximise their A2P messaging revenue yield, improve cashflow and take back control over traffic monetisation agreements.

Operating natively with all other solutions in our A2P smart ecosystem, telco players are further enabled in their A2P business maximisation journey.

Smart Bid is an A2P messaging bidding solution that enables mobile network operators to connect with aggregators and enterprise clients for them to bid for any A2P messaging traffic available on the network.

This service is integral to HAUD’s A2P smart ecosystem as it integrates seamlessly with all the other solutions, thereby offering an unparalleled end-to-end solution for highly effective, monetization-focused, A2P lifecycle management systems.

Placing the MNO back in control

Smart Bid exists to ensure the mobile network operator is placed in control on how best to monetise A2P messaging traffic.

The transparency provided is targeted precisely at ensuring revenue maximization backed by a due diligence process and fulfillment guarantees.

HAUD’s market intelligence, deep relationships with aggregators, and advanced process management experience fulfills our goal to be in alignment with the mobile network operator on their A2P revenue maximization journey.

Smart Bid -Benefits


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