Traffic management and charging platform for A2P messaging.

Smart Charge is a rating, charging and traffic management solution that enables MNOs, aggregators and messaging hubs to fully capitalise on A2P traffic by enabling pricing on different parameters for effective revenue generation.

Differentiated Charging
on A2P messaging

Differentiated charging on A2P messaging enables MNOs, aggregators, and messaging hubs to optimize their revenue yield.

This essential module within HAUD’s Smart A2P Ecosystem solution enables customers to differentiate and optimize pricing per:

  • Message type: SMS, MMS, RCS, USSD.
  • Timing: Differentiated charging based on specific time intervals. (10am-5pm vs 5pm-9pm).
  • Destination: A2P charged by country and/or network combination.
  • Category: A2P charged with a combination of Brand, message type and criticality.
  • Volume: Tiered pricing based on messages sent (volumes) per client.
  • Multi-tier Charging:A2P messaging charged through a combination of type, timing, destination, category and volumes per client and supplier connection destination (MCC/MNC).

Differentiated Charging
on the same channel

Differentiation charging is possible on the same connection.

For instance, social network A could be charged $0.10 per (premium) A2P message if it is regarding a security message or 2FA; and $0.03 (regular) for a marketing message or a promotion of any kind.

Additionally, tiered-pricing per client – including price lists differentiation based on volume, time-interval, country, and network – and a combination thereof – are an integral part of the product which provides highly elaborate, but easy to affect charging mechanisms for further revenue generation.

The granularity, control, and ease of use of Smart Charge enable MNO’s, aggregators, and hubs to compound their A2P business revenues – and manage all the connections with ease, without any further technical acclimatisation or adaptation.

Consent-based monetisation of subscriber information

Mobile network operators can monetise specific, highly segmented subscriber databases based on content and events/actions thereby offering further revenue streams.

The product offers highly transparent segmentation tools necessary to nurture these databases to maximise return, retention, and engagement of subscribers for the long-term. The system can integrate with external systems through APIs or custom-type interfaces to deliver highly targeted customer-centric marketing campaigns

Smart Charge – Customer advantage

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