Continuous Network Monitoring ensuring low-touch by the Operator.

HAUD’S Managed Services and Consultancy teams empower the MNOs business on their journey to building and monetising their A2P opportunities while securing their network and delivering solutions based on data and insights.

Smart Enable – Managed Services

HAUD’s managed services provide mobile network operators with a suite of solutions without the learning curve. We de-risk building capacity and know-how which are integral for every MNO to effectively manage A2P Messaging Monetisation opportunities.

Honed through years of servicing top-end Telcos,  HAUD’s Managed Services, distributed in diverse time-zones and configured for more effective and rapid response alongside real-time intelligence sharing, ensure the best possible outcome for the client’s business concern.

This allows for the right combination of technical capability, solution robustness and client-centric approach.

A Three-Pronged Approach To

Revenue assurance and network protection

The main distinguishing elements of HAUD’s managed servicing provision are based on a confluence of factors that work in unison to provide a highly effective and rapidly-impacting service by integrating technology, experience and analytics.

HAUD’s Managed services rely on the effective utilisation of technology for providing A2P monetisation.

HAUD’s Smart A2P ecosystem of products – Smart XChange, Smart Charge, Smart NVision, Smart Bid, Smart NForce – are all connected through Smart Enable – to provide the best of breed Smart A2P solution in the market.

HAUD’s suite of technology products is currently deployed live across a number of client sites around the world at MNOs of all sizes.

Every product in HAUD’s portfolio is designed to provide the maximum benefit for the client.

Depending on the context and client requirement, the team deployed specifically for the tasks would invariably include product and domain-specific experts to ensure the rapid deployment and engagement of the solution to secure a higher return on investment.

Analytics are integral to our servicing.

Smart NVision is at the core of the servicing, providing clear touch-points, indicators, insights, scenario testing, trending analysis,
potential gaps and risks.

Your ideal partner for managed services

  • Continuous network monitoring ensuring low-touch by the MNO.
  • Global, round-the-clock support.
  • Price adjustment agility through the deployment of Smart Charge to protect revenue and maximise revenue opportunities.
  • Active blocking and re-routing of unmonetised traffic through Smart NForce across all message types.
  • Messaging Firewall traffic auditing services.
  • Messaging Firewall configuration, reporting, and management.
  • No strain on internal resources.
  • Peace of mind for the business as subscribers and revenues are all protected and maximised.
  • Immediate results

Smart Assess Network Probe 

HAUD’s probing technology enables our messaging and revenue teams to simulate A2P traffic sent through the MNO’s network without any disruption or interruption to the network, to ascertain the below aspects:

  1. The propensity of grey routes present on the network 
  2. Granular reporting on they kinds of connections mostly utilising non-monetised or undermonetised routes. 
  3. SIM Box prevalence.

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