Real-time context reporting through customisable dashboards

A business analytics, insights, and reporting solution, with predictive modeling and scenario building.

The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.

The Economist

The adage coined by the Economist back in 2017 sheds light on the business context most mobile network operators find themselves in. Data, insights, and scenario building are an integral part of what Smart NVision can offer to Telcos in their A2P business journey.

Insights and Scenario Building

It is no secret that the advent, investment, and uptake of 5G alongside other infrastructure requirements has brought on undue pressure on MNOs globally. 

The dilution of peer-to-peer SMS revenues adds more to this challenging context. Therefore, utilising data and analytics for further revenue generation on A2P messaging is critical.

Smart NVision provides real-time context reporting through customisable dashboards.

It’s equipped with a myriad of features to minimize any revenue-leak exposure, insights for revenue maximisation options, and scenario-building capabilities to map future business outlooks.

real-time context reporting through customisable dashboards

Smart Nvision – Customer advantage

  • A2P Business insights such as profitability, channel modelling, and margin optimisation.
  • Full end-to-end reporting from engagement to enforcement.
  • Profitability scenario testing across all connections and message formats
    (USSD, SMS, MMS, and RCS).
  • API integration with 3rd Party A2P Hubs.

  • Trending analysis and behavioural pattern modelling.
  • Predictive pricing strategies providing further control
    and higher profitability.
  • Micro-pricing analytics and granular segmentation for deeper reporting and insights building.
haud smart xchange intuitive dashboard to manage A2P messaging channel

Solution Integration options:

Smart Charge can be used with Smart NVision
when used with 3rd Party A2P Hubs

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