SMS tests are sent by HAUD, simulating subscriber traffic and capture details of the SMS traffic received on the probe including traffic source, Sender ID other details. A centralised back end collates the data which is then analysed to identify suspicious activity as well as providing reporting on trends and new threats or showing the effectiveness of currently used controlling mechanisms of solutions.

Firewall Bypass Detection

Detection of Sophisticated Character Injection

Reporting Analysis


Local Support

This service can be offered as a one-off snapshot of the current SMS traffic of the client, offered for a limited time period or as an ongoing service to offer peace of mind and as an auditing tool mainly assisting MNOs to:

  • Configure Firewall
  • Identify appropriateness of blocking functionalities
  • Dealing with gateways using un-monetised routes
  • Auditing your A2P SMS channel setup
  • Mitigating On-net Sim box activity

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