HAUD’s Firewall for Security & Protection defends your network against a wide range of SS7 vulnerabilities, including flooding, GT scanning, faking, spoofing and the incorrect use of MAP protocol.


The Firewall monitors all incoming international and local SS7 traffic on your network, capturing and blocking the illicit use of SS7 signalling. It controls SS7 category 1, 2 and 3 fraud, enabling you to maintain the integrity of your network.

360-degree network protection is enforced through the use of the Firewall’s pre-emptive BulkGuard module. This identifies spam and fraudulent traffic, such as Wangiri, SMiShing and malware, allowing you to neutralise threats at source.



Key Features


SpoofGuard and FakeGuard

Prevent spam and fraudulent traffic from being sent through your network to mobile subscribers worldwide, by Identifying and also blocking, all spoofing and faking attempts.

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haud flood guard ss7 protection


Automatically detect spikes in traffic and apply messages per second (MPS) thresholds to suspect sources, ensuring your network is not targeted by denial of service attacks.




Block requests for network or subscriber information, as well as other SS7 category 1 fraud, coming from outside your network, ensuring that subscriber privacy is respected and that MAP opcodes are used only by legitimate interconnect partners.

haud map screen ss7 protection block requests



Customised for the Needs of Your Network


HAUD works with you to identify your specific implementation and operational needs.
Using this information, HAUD creates and deploys the right solutions for your operations, so you benefit from optimum protection from SS7 vulnerabilities.





Intercepts SRI Response to make sure traffic for outbound roaming subscribers is redirected so it can be filtered by the HAUD firewall.

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haud scan guard ss7 protection


Identifies potential scanning attacks and stops them at their source.



A2P SMS Monetisation Compatibility

Can be deployed with HAUD’s A2P SMS Monetisation Solution to provide 360-degree protection from grey route SMS Bypass fraud, allowing you to monetise A2P SMS.

haud 360 protection a2p sms monetisation