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In summary, SS7 protocol is used for:

  • Call setup and management
  • Roaming and mobile subscriber authentication
  • Number portability
  • Supplementary/additional call features 
    such as call forwarding
  • Retrieval of routing information
  • Billing and routing
  • Short Message Service (SMS) routing 
    and termination
  • PSTN information-exchange functions

SS7 Vulnerabilities

SS7 vulnerabilities can be exploited in many ways but mainly this is done by altering, requesting or misusing several parameters used in the MAP and CAMEL messages.

Some common use cases where these vulnerabilities can be taken advantage of include call and SMS interception, disruption of service as well as retrieval of subscriber information and location. Subscribers nowadays expect that the MNO providing the service should be equipped to protect them against such exploitation to take place. This means that for MNOs to have peace of mind against potential reputational damage that can be caused if such events take place, they must address these vulnerabilities.

Check out the video from a webinar made together with Mobile World Live where HAUD CTO explains why SS7 vulnerabilities are a real threat for MNOs.

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