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HAUD’s TouchPoint services focus directly on helping you grow your messaging revenues.

We have expertise across all things messaging. From revenue growth specialists through to technical experts which can help you deploy light touch solutions.


TouchPoint combines your data insights with HAUDs experience to develop and deliver strategies that will maximise your A2P messaging revenues.


Independent insight into your network

Most MNOs know they have some sort of leakage affecting their A2P messaging business. However, the worrying fact is that many don’t know the full extent or the nature of the issue. Our team can run ‘TouchPoint Audit’, a quick to deploy non-intrusive A2P testing service to determine the level of control and monetisation of your A2P business. The extent and type of leakage occurring can be quantified and SIMBox clusters or suspicious activity including flash call bypass can be identified and pinpointed.

We do this through unobtrusive testing of your network, analysing A2P traffic in search of suspicious behavior, finding grey routes, and discovering new revenue opportunities.

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Our Managed Services get the most out of your technology

HAUDs Managed services are renowned in the industry at ensuring your technology investments maintain their capabilities and deliver their promised functionality. Our team of local experts understand the specific and unique threats you will be encountering on a daily basis.

Whether you are looking at adding expertise to your messaging business or need to expand the resources and capability you can count on HAUDs team to deliver quick returns on your technology investment and maximise your A2P monetisation.

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Create a culture of revenue growth

Utilise our unique place in the market. Capitalise on our market intelligence and prepare for the future of A2P SMS by building a leading monetisation strategy.

Our experts can help you leverage your control mechanisms and position in the market and implement the right SMS pricing strategies to build a solid foundation for your long-term messaging monetisation growth.

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Touchpoint services

The knowledge and experience
to unlock your revenue potential

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Gain visibility of what’s happening

Gain a true understanding of what’s happening across your network.

Clarity to build a strategy

Discover key insights into the extent and importantly, the type of leakage occurring

Maximise your technology ROI

Get the most out of your technology investments

Continuous specialist management

Ensure your technology is optimised against the latest threats in near real-time

Local expertise in your market

With experts located in every region, gain specialist insight into what’s happening in your market


Understand what’s truly happening on your network.

Create, build and execute new monetisation strategies.

Maximise the potential of your technology through our leading Managed Services team.