Many MNOs are not aware
of how much money they lose without taking action

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Why do MNOs lose revenues?

Nowadays application-to-person (A2P) messages are widely used as real-time notifications, banking notifications, appointment reminders and many more. A2P messaging takes also a huge part in 2FA (2-factor authentication) where a one-time password is sent for verification.

Fraudsters are on the constant lookout to find routes (grey routes) to deliver bulk messaging at cheaper rates. Grey routes are commonly used to bypass authorised channels where the mobile operator does not get his share of the revenue for the SMS’s being delivered to their customers.

Total global A2P SMS messages


By implementing A2P monetisation solution mobile network operators are able to be in full control of their SMS network traffic. Identifying all grey routes will generate additional revenues to the MNO.


This solution enhances customer experience by eliminating spam or malicious SMS within the network. It also increases the performance of the network where only legitimate traffic is delivered to the subscribers.


Findings from our experience

1 year of operations on the example of MNO in the APAC region
shows the benefits of A2P Monetisation Solution in practice.

64 % volume increase

56% price increase

110% revenue increase

Not an isolated case

Examples of other operators demonstrate how HAUD A2P Monetisation Solution
helps to generate new revenues in less than 12 months of operation.

A2P traffic analysis performed by the expert within the area of monetisation and fraud prevention is the first step towards securing your revenues.

Fraudsters are using very sophisticated methods to grey route A2P traffic and bypass monetised channels. In lots of cases, the standard prevention methods are relatively easily overcome if not updated to the higher standards.

HAUD A2P SMS Monetisation Solution

Summary of benefits

Monetise A2P traffic on a single platform.

Eliminate grey routes and curb revenue losses.

Identify and analyse various fraud patterns.

Get traffic statistics and monitoring capabilities.

Start monetising unmonetised traffic.

Improve profits, revenues and cash flows.

Enhance network protection and security.

Build better relationship with partners.

The system is proven as it currently protects networks around the world, representing 350 million subscribers, filtering an average of 660 million messages every day.

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