Prevent revenue loss caused by SIM box activity.

Use the power of machine learning to detect SIM farms behaviour.

SIM farms are eating away from MNOs revenues and creating a cat and mouse game between the SIM box providers and mobile network operators.

Schedule an online meeting with A2P experts to learn more on how to use the power of machine learning to effectively recognise even the most sophisticated SIM farms behaviour and block only malicious messages without affecting subscriber’s service.

SIM Box Prevention-oriented Features

Proactive Fraud Detection

Unique device identification and classification by fingerprints which are continuously updated for proactive detection.

AI Technologies

Machine learning is used to extract the similarity between already known A2P fraudulent messages and the newly received traffic intended to bypass the firewall.

Real-Time Data Analysis

Recognition patterns based on data support, real-time signalling data, location estimation, call setup and velocity.

Geo-Location Tracking

Precise location tracking of SIM gateways and
SIM farms can assist law enforcement and regulatory authorities.

Detection of Advanced SIM-Servers

Human Behaviour Simulation (HBS) detection, IMEI anti-spoofing, detection of SIM farms even at low volumes and advanced IMSI/IMEI usage patterns algorithms.

KPIs and Reporting

Advanced reporting contains detection rate, minimal false positive results, live scheduled reporting, noticeable uplift in off-net minutes.

The numbers behind

Results based on research and tests carried out by HAUD’s research team in the APAC region on unprotected networks indicate that most MNOs are leaking of 30% of their A2P SMS traffic to SIM box activity.

Other studies conducted by HAUD in several European countries shows that the average MNO is leaking approximately between 50% and 80% of their A2P messages to grey routes — where a good portion of which is due to SIM box activity.

30% of A2P SMS traffic leaks to SIM box activity

The lack of efficient network protection creates an uneven playing field between malicious actors and mobile network operators.

Don’t let them succeed – discuss the right prevention methods with the experts in the field.

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Learn more on how to use the power of machine learning to prevent this malicious activity.

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