traffic audit services

Traffic Audit Services

The first step towards controlling wholesale traffic on your network. To secure your network and safeguard subscribers from SS7 and SMS fraud, understanding the traffic passing through your access points is crucial.

Over the course of several weeks our data analysts and SS7 experts use HAUD Firewall modules to analyse everything passing through your network and build an in-depth profile of your traffic.

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SS7 Firewall Solutions HAUD

SS7 Firewall Solutions

With our SS7 Firewall Solutions, you can take the ring-fence approach to controlling SS7 and SMS traffic on your network. You can monitor all access points into your network, such as local SMPP and domestic interconnect, as well as international routes.

Using our solutions, you can eliminate grey route traffic from entering your network and direct wanted traffic through your official SMS gateways to secure revenue and unlock A2P SMS monetisation potential.

Our technology can help you carry out pre-emptive filtering of fraud and spam from your SMS and SS7 traffic to protect your subscribers from unwanted messages, ensuring a positive customer experience and reducing churn rate.

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managed services for sms firewall

Managed Services

Constant performance monitoring and management is key to ensuring that your firewall solutions offer the best possible protection for your network and your subscribers.

Our technical experts are on hand to manage your Firewall, making sure that it is always at the optimum configuration. We monitor your network for fraudulent behaviour and analyse traffic to ensure active blocking rules are constantly updated and known malicious traffic is preemptively blocked.

Round-the-clock monitoring identifies the source of grey route A2P traffic and re-directs it to your preferred messaging gateway for monetisation.

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