HAUD adds to SS7 security portfolio with launch of Quarantine module

HAUD has announced the launch of the new Quarantine module for its SS7 firewall, giving MNOs greater control over preventing spam and fraudulent SMS traffic.

By temporarily placing suspicious messages in ‘quarantine’ for further inspection, the new module allows MNOs to differentiate between genuine and fraudulent A2P SMS. This provides even greater control over the network, empowering operators to examine unsolicited messages or groups of messages over a particular timeframe and deliver when the content is known to be safe.

Features of HAUD’s Quarantine Module include:

  • Automatically quarantine potentially fraudulent SMS traffic based on existing definitions and rules set in HAUD’s other integrated firewall modules
  • Isolate captured messages for manual analysis to determine a message’s nature and purpose
  • Real-time application of rules to automatically block or allow messages based on identified criteria, following analysis of the quarantined messages
  • Pause delivery of messages during a particular timeframe, to comply with local restrictions set by regulators across a territory. These messages can then be either analysed or released automatically outside the set timeframe

Together with HAUD’s trusted MatchGuard module, that enables complex compound filtering and blocking rules, Quarantine gives mobile operators the tools to provide a highly secure and customised subscriber experience that meets specific regulatory requirements.

Traditionally, SS7 security systems have either hard blocked or allowed traffic based on message content or origin. Quarantine gives operators reassurance that genuine, monetisable traffic is not being blocked in this way.

MNOs in countries that are subject to restrictions on delivery of A2P traffic at certain times or days of the week can pause the delivery of messages sent outside permitted times, ensuring income is not lost for failing to terminate messages to the subscriber.

Claire Cassar, CEO, HAUD, said: “Like medical staff monitoring the health of their patient, Quarantine allows MNOs to check the health of its SS7 traffic. First appearances can sometimes be deceiving, and Quarantine gives the operator the gift of time to properly assess any threat and evaluate whether to allow this through or flag it as fraudulent. This is a proactive measure to help safeguard subscribers from malicious fraud, but also make sure MNOs don’t lose out by blocking genuine, revenue generating traffic.

“We are confident that Operators will be very pleased with the launch of this module as it caters for a gap in the market and will provide beneficial results from the word ‘go’.”

Quarantine is available as a stand-alone module for HAUD’s market leading SS7 firewall solution. The firewall provides operators with personalised fraud protection and revenue assurance, safeguards brand reputation and improves customer experience.