HAUD gives more value through its Traffic Audit Service

HAUD has now established itself as a market-leading SMS firewall provider, and through experience it has acknowledged that the power of knowledge through data is very important for operators to be able to take educated decisions on their current situation. Without such knowledge, the MNO cannot take a clear decision on what solution would be required or what action would be more suitable for its needs. Without analysis and intelligence on how to properly interpret this data most mobile operators are left blind or confused on what next steps should be taken. How would a mobile operator know how much traffic can be monetized? How much of it is domestic or international? Or even worse to what extent spam and fraud traffic is present?

HAUD’s Traffic Audit Service, launched in 2016, is aimed at solving such dilemmas for the MNOs and giving visibility of what is being terminated on the network. HAUD has further enhanced this service which now includes deeper analytics and accurate categorisation of traffic, thanks to its proprietary in-house developed algorithms. Insights from such data that HAUD provides to the operator through this service will enable the operator to have clear visibility of what traffic is being terminated through grey routes, categorise and differentiate between domestic and international traffic and between recoverable and unwanted traffic. The scalability of the solution also enables on-net traffic monitoring required for proper identification and sizing of revenue loss from SIM boxes (or SIM farms) which is becoming one of the main concerns of SMS revenue leakage for most MNOs.

“Our Traffic Audit Service gives knowledge to the operator on what types of SMS traffic is entering its network, not through complicated sets of data, but through insightful reports that actually highlight issues and anomalies. Such insights, together with our expertise on controlling traffic entering the networks of our clients, enables HAUD to propose and deliver solutions and implementations that would enable our client MNOs to protect their network and subscribers, while effectively monetising domestic and international A2P traffic” said Marten Bjorkman, SVP HAUD Asia,

If you’d like to talk to one of our experts about how you can be in the know of what is the make-up of your traffic or would like to get information on how you can ring-fence your network, get in touch at: [email protected] or meet us at WAS#5 in Macau.