HAUD heads to NG Telecoms Africa Summit

Members of the HAUD team will at the Sheraton Pretoria Hotel in Pretoria, South Africa, between Tuesday 12th and Thursday 14th April to attend the Next Generation (NG) Telecoms Africa Summit.

Now in its 11th year, the NG Telecoms Africa Summit brings together 65 of the most senior decision makers and business leaders from across the African telecoms industry to explore the key challenges facing the sector in the region. It offers attendees the chance to gain insight into market conditions and new technology from leading international analysts, and to build relationships with fellow members of the industry.

HAUD’s Marko Skomersic, Chief Solutions Officer, will be delivering a presentation at the event titled Ring-Fenced Networks and Levelling the Playing Field. He will explore how effective traffic management can help make grey routes a thing of the past, cutting the risk of fraud for subscribers and helping to monetise A2P SMS traffic.

Marko will also be joined by Keven Panzavecchia, Chief Technology Officer at HAUD. Kevin will be on hand to talk to fellow attendees about HAUD’s products and services to protect mobile networks from fraud and monetise international A2P traffic. In addition to its firewall solutions to minimise the risk of SMS and SS7 fraud, HAUD offers traffic audit and managed service options to provide MNOs with more opportunities to stay in control and increase A2P revenues.

If you’d like to talk to Marko or Kevin at NG Telecoms Africa Summit, you can request a meeting in advance, by contacting us at [email protected].