HAUD at CMO for Telecoms Forum

Team members from HAUD will be heading to CMO for Telecoms Forum (25th and 26th January 2016) to showcase its solutions to support Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to stay in control of their customers’ experience.

HAUD is a Silver Sponsor of the event in Amsterdam, Netherlands, which will bring together the chief marketing officers (CMOs) of leading European telecoms operators with specialist service providers to discuss the key drivers shaping the industry in 2016.

At the Forum, our commercial and technical solutions specialists will be discussing how fraud detection and optimised network maintenance are crucial to provide a positive experience for customers and minimise churn rate. They will also be demonstrating solutions to maximise A2P SMS revenue by ensuring all traffic is delivered to the operator via its gateway and eliminating grey route usage.

Marko Skomersic, Chief Solutions Officer at HAUD, said: “MNOs across Europe have invested heavily in their infrastructure in recent years, not only rolling out 4G, but also incorporating new security solutions to ensure they continue to provide the best possible service to end-users and build stronger relationships with customers.

“However, maintaining this positive relationship in the long term will depend also on MNOs protecting users from SMS fraud and spam. With HAUD’s firewall pre-emptive traffic monitoring and filtering, MNOs can eliminate SMS fraud and spam as well as put an end to the use of grey routes, helping them stay in control of their customers’ experience while also optimising their revenue from A2P SMS traffic.”

If you’d like to talk to one of our experts at the Forum, you can find us at our stand in the main hall. Alternatively, you can request a meeting in advance, by contacting us at [email protected].