HAUD at Messaging and SMS World

As lead sponsors at the Messaging and SMS World (1st and 2nd December 2015), HAUD will be exhibiting their SMS and SS7 firewall solutions at the event and discussing effective ways in which to realise A2P monetisation.

The London-based event, which will see a range of mobile sector experts in attendance, aims to highlight the latest industry trends and discuss how collaboration can help limit fraud and secure additional revenue.

HAUD’s team of commercial and technical solutions specialists will be on hand to discuss the impact of its bespoke firewall solution, which provides mobile operators with the necessary tools to tap into A2P SMS revenues. The technology protects against fraudulent activity to further enhance customer experience and network integrity.

The firewall also gives SMS Gateway providers a method of ensuring all A2P SMS is delivered to the operator via their gateway, eliminating all grey route usage into the operator.

Marko Skomersic, Chief Solutions Officer, at HAUD, explained: “SMS grey route elimination and A2P monetisation are currently ranked as one of the biggest challenges operators and aggregators are facing in the industry.”

“Recognising the importance of blocking illicit routes through adequate filtering tools is crucial for the success of A2P monetisation. Our firewall solutions not only ensure all illicit routes are blocked, but they also offer continuous support in the form of managed services for those looking to increase A2P messaging revenue.”

On the second day of the event, Claire Cassar, CEO at HAUD, will be presenting a session that examines new techniques to enable MNOs to effectively control their SMS traffic. The presentation will take place at 10am on Wednesday 2nd December.

As lead sponsor of the event, HAUD will also be hosting the evening reception at the Messaging and SMS World Awards, which aims to celebrate innovation, best customer solutions and excellence in the global messaging marketplace.

If you’d like to talk to one of our experts at the event, you can find us in the exhibition hall at the event. Alternatively, you can request a meeting in advance, by contacting us at [email protected].