Is the Battle Against SMS Fraud Worth Fighting?

Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) continuously promote new products and offers to keep their subscribers’ loyalty from straying. But when it comes to protecting subscribers from the effects of fraud and spam, MNOs have, more often than not, fallen short of this responsibility. Because of this, subscribers who fall victim to fraud, seek compensation from their network operator or in some cases take their custom elsewhere.

So, what’s been stopping MNOs from securing their networks with a fraud prevention solution? The reasons are many and could range from an underestimation of how much spam actually terminates on the network to a misconception about the cost of such a solution or feelings of “powerlessness” due to the constant emergence of new fraud scenarios.

These reasons may be why many operators have put fraud prevention on the back burner. However, in a climate where huge amounts of money are being lost to OTT players, the time certainly is right for MNOs to future-proof new revenue streams that help increase their bottom line, whilst securing their network and keeping subscribers safe. One such revenue stream could be achieved by looking at Application to Person (A2P) SMS terminating on the network and ensuring that this is being monetised correctly.

By collaborating with various MNOs, HAUD Systems has found that by installing its filtering solution, mobile operators can look forward to increasing their revenues anywhere from 20% to 50%. It does this by shielding the network from A2P grey-route traffic at an international level and at a local level through filtering also on domestic links.

The solution also prohibits fraud and spam from making its way to subscribers’ mobile phones, keeping them and the network’s reputation safe.

To find out how much your network stands to gain from a HAUD installation contact one of our experts for a Traffic Profiling Service. This service provides a detailed, network specific analysis of the extent of revenue leakage in a network.

We encourage MNOs to take advantage of this exercise to get a truthful picture of what is happening on their network and how this information can be monetised and revenue leakage turned into revenue assurance. With these figures in hand, we believe that YES, MNOs will have the business case at hand to take action promptly.

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