Meet HAUD at ACC 2023

We are thrilled to announce that HAUD will be taking part in the highly anticipated Asian Carriers Conference (ACC) 2023, which will be held from September 11th to 15th at the majestic Shangri-La Mactan in Cebu, Philippines. With this year’s theme, “Accelerate. Challenge. Connect.,” this remarkable event is set to lead the way in driving progress in the telecommunications industry.

A visionary theme: Accelerate. Challenge. Connect.

The theme ACC 2023 resonates deeply with the current landscape of the telecommunications industry. As technology hurtles forward at unprecedented speeds, industry players are faced with the challenge of adapting, evolving, and seamlessly connecting to create a future that is both dynamic and secure. This theme encapsulates the very essence of what the conference aims to achieve – igniting acceleration, embracing challenges, and forging connections that transcend boundaries.

HAUD: Helping MNOs to stay in control

As a trailblazing force in telecommunications solutions, HAUD is more than a participant at ACC 2023; we are catalysts of transformation. Our exhibition booth is a hub of innovation, where cutting-edge technologies intersect with real-world challenges to create tailored solutions. At HAUD, we are passionate about empowering mobile network operators worldwide to safeguard their networks, combat fraud, and enhance revenue streams. ACC 2023 provides us with the ideal platform to showcase our expertise and share our insights with industry peers.

Seize the moment: Meet HAUD experts

If you’re driven by the desire to explore new avenues and embrace challenges head-on, we invite you to connect with HAUD’s experts at ACC 2023. Our team of seasoned professionals will be on hand to engage in meaningful discussions, provide expert guidance, and tailor solutions that align with your network’s unique requirements. Whether you’re interested in A2P messaging monetisation, mobile network security, or both, our experts are equipped to address your queries and explore opportunities for collaboration.

Schedule a meeting

To ensure a focused and productive interaction, we encourage you to schedule a meeting with HAUD experts during the event. This will allow us to delve deeper into your network’s intricacies and propose strategies that will accelerate your growth and strengthen your security posture.