Meet HAUD at FASG#13

Starting Tuesday, 29th January 2019 till Thursday 31st January 2019, industry experts are meeting at another FASG conference to discuss fraud prevention and security of mobile services.

This edition of the gathering takes place in Muscat — the capital and the largest city of Oman. It’s very well known since the early 1st century CE as a major trading port between the west and the east. However, evidence of communal activity in the area around Muscat dates back to the 6th millennium BCE. Thanks to its rich history it’s definitely worth to visit Old Muscat – the old city of Muscat. It’s separated from the rest of modern Muscat by coastal mountains.

The thirteenth meeting of FASG among other topics will focus on IoT Fraud Security, 5G security and SS7 protection. We’re glad that our team will attend the conference so we can actively take part in the debate. It’s very important that the GSMA members exchange their knowledge and experience to improve the level of mobile security and prevent different forms of fraud.

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