Meet HAUD in Lisbon at CFCA-FIINA 2016

HAUD will be heading to the Epic SANA Lisboa Hotel in Lisbon, Portugal from Monday 9th to Wednesday 11th of May to attend the CFCA-FIINA Joint Educational Event.

Hosted by the Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA) in partnership with the Forum for International Irregular Network Access (FIINA), the Joint Educational Event offers a venue for international mobile network operators (MNOs), internet service providers, law enforcement agencies, and other industry professionals to meet and share key learnings about tackling the issue of telecommunications fraud.

HAUD attended its first CFCA conference, the Fall Educational Event last year, and joined the CFCA in June 2015, supporting the organisation in its goal to foster international co-operation between telecommunications companies to combat fraud and ensure revenue protection.

This year, as a sponsor of the CFCA-FIINA Joint Educational Event, HAUD will be one of the hosts of tea and coffee breaks throughout the event. Jamie Williamson, Product Executive, will also be giving a 15-minute presentation about how the implementation of strong firewalls and improved network management can help level the playing field for MNOs, minimising the risk of fraud and helping to monetise international A2P traffic.

In addition, Jamie and fellow team member Desiree Bone, Head of Brand and Marketing, will be available throughout the event to talk to attendees and discuss how HAUD’s firewall, traffic audit and managed service solutions can both reduce SMS and SS7 fraud, and optimise A2P revenues.

If you’d like to talk to Jamie or Desiree at CFCA-FIINA, you can request a meeting in advance, by contacting us at [email protected].