Meet HAUD at WAS#6 in Marrakech

We’re a few days away from the sixth edition of WAS conference. The biannual conference organised by GSMA is being hosted by Monty Mobile an Open Connectivity SMS Hub and Roaming Broker between 25th and 28th of September 2017.

This edition of WAS finds itself inhabiting the city of Marrakech which is one of the most notable of Morocco’s four former imperial cities. Marrakech is rich in culture and known for its well preserved history and heritage sights.

Located in the centre of Morocco, Marrakech is also known as the red city. The event will be hosted at the Palmeraie Conference Center which is built on a natural eden. This venue combines Arabian and Moorish architecture eloquently which adds to the already noteworthy formal and informal talks being held at the conference.

WAS #6 focuses on GSMA’s programs and projects with the development of roaming and interconnect agreement, especially in light of the latest changes. As you may know from the conference’s agenda this edition’s strong points include All-IP World, Future Networks and of course Fraud and A2P.

It’s probably obvious by know that HAUD’s representatives will be there to discuss the Revenue-as-a-Service income model which works by creating revenue streams and at the same time minimises both the costs and risks for the mobile network operator.

If you have a specific question or would like to discuss further on the above feel free to use the contact form below to schedule a meeting. We’re looking forward to seeing all of you in Marrakech.


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