Networking in the Telecommunications Industry

What role does networking play in the telecommunications industry?

Networking plays a pivotal role in any field and telecommunications is no exception. It creates a collaborative climate, keeping vendors on the pulse of industry developments whilst encouraging the cross-fertilization of ideas that arise from industry specific challenges and opportunities.

For vendors like HAUD Systems, networking with MNOs is crucial. These discussions provide a clear understanding of operators’ pain points and give us insight into how we can enhance our current offerings or innovate new products or services to meet their requirements and address their concerns.

On the other hand, there is a lot to learn from networking with other vendors. Through our conversations, we become aware of common challenges, new opportunities and how we can assist each other in overcoming obstacles.

What are the advantages of participating and/or sponsoring industry events?

The advantages of sponsoring or participating in industry events are many. Through sponsorship, vendors show their commitment to the industry’s continued development and publically endorse the initiative or area that the event represents.

Alternatively, by participating in events, attendees stand to gain a thorough understanding of where the industry is heading, the emergence of future trends and new challenges that may arise as a result of these upcoming trends. Additionally, these events set the scene for networking with key industry professionals and influencers. Participants should use this time to nurture relationships, as more often than not, it is these informal relationships that transform a lead into a sale. Last but not least, through collaborating with peers, it quickly becomes apparent that technology challenges transcend cultural diversity and that we need to work together to overcome them.

Do you think industry events can be improved in any way?

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing which events to attend and so, rather than making recommendations for improving events, I think we need to sharpen our focus and attend those events that are most relevant to our needs. By refining the selection process, we can improve our contributions to the industry and make meaningful connections with peers.

How active is HAUD when it comes to participating in events?

Here at HAUD we like to keep busy and up-to-date with what’s going on in fraud and security circles. We attend most of the Fraud and Security Group meetings and I’m delighted that through our contributions, we’ve succeeded in putting SMS fraud on the agenda, alongside voice and data fraud. We also look forward to participating in the annual Mobile World Congress to increase brand exposure and showcase our products and innovations to a diverse audience.

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