Why should a Mobile Network Operator worry about Artificially Inflated Traffic? An insight into how it effects their P&L in the long term.

SMS artificially inflated traffic (AIT) refers to the practice of generating fake or fraudulent text messages, often with the goal of defrauding the enterprises which send A2P SMS to their customers. This can happen in a number of ways, including using automated bots to send large numbers of messages, or using stolen identities to send messages on behalf of other users.

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A2P SMS revenue loss: Asian focus

Nefarious organisations, as well as lone operators, can essentially eat-up a significant portion of Application-to-Person messaging (it goes beyond SMS) revenues from Mobile Network Operators with no considerable investment requirement. As indicated in a previous article which focused on SIM box activity in Europe, SIM box activity is wide-ranging and global. A $60 billion business opportunity is at stake here. 

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A2P Monetisation is King! Protect it!

How can Mobile Network Operators prevent SIM box activity from punching through their A2P business?

Mobile Network Operators are facing a plethora of challenges that are being triggered by the ever-evolving nature of their business, as this is shifting from a communication provider to a data platform and network business, with emphasis on the value chain. This change has brought about significant shift pains in the business model design, along with the investment required for more capable networks to cater to the looming hyper-connected future.

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