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Welcome to the HAUD Knowledge Centre where you can find documents, videos and audio for you to download at your convenience.

This section of our website houses resources and information to fully explain the scope of HAUD’s products and services as well as provide you with a deeper understanding of our approach to mobile network protection, A2P SMS monetisation and much more.

We at HAUD believe that sharing knowledge is one of the foundations upon which we’re able to make progress towards better mobile network security and customer (subscriber) experience.

Explore our knowledge centre, and please come back often as we are committed to develop this section and make it a trusted resource for mobile operators and mobile security experts worldwide.

White Papers

Check out the selection of HAUD’s white papers about A2P monetisation and SS7 security. Download our resources on your device and consume them at your convenience — all the whitepapers in PDF format.

Audio & Video

Watch the video presentation or download the audio file from the webinar done together with GSMA’s Mobile World Live. The webinar titled: ‘SS7 Vulnerabilities – a threat that cannot remain ignored’ Kevin Panzavecchia, CTO at HAUD will take you through the history of SS7 and uncover the major issues this protocol causes for Mobile Network Operators.

telecom jargon glossary

Telecom Jargon Glossary

Since our focus is the telecommunication sector, we are aware that not all of the abbreviations and terms used on our website are clear and understandable. That’s why we’ve decided to gather these jargon terms, acronyms and terminology together and create a section which explains them and makes them accessible.

We intend to keep updating this section to make it as comprehensive as possible.