Messaging Revenue Optimisation


It’s time to expect more
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Messaging Revenue Optimisation allows MNOs to protect messaging revenues,
create new revenue opportunities
and automate the processes behind it.

Why Messaging Revenue Optimisation?

How Mobile Network Operators monetise their A2P SMS traffic, while at the same time protecting both their subscribers, clients and the impact of the channel, has never been more critical.

At a time when personal and work lives are converging on the digital space, the opportunity to secure sustainable, scalable, revenue from the expected exponential growth in A2P traffic requires a new approach to SMS management.

Messaging Revenue Optimisation helps you develop a new approach to A2P monetisation: from creating new value propositions and client channels to the potential a next generation firewall brings with stopping grey-route revenue leakage.

Messaging Revenue Optimisation



Identify and lockdown causes of revenue leakage

Stay ahead of the ever-changing threat landscape

Evidence improved security posture through visualized data

Improve Internal capacity & skill management


Discover what’s passing across your network

Incentivise a culture of revenue growth

Prioritize routes with maximised revenue opportunities

Maintain real-time policy enforcement


Create revenue strategies across all messaging types

Utilise messaging categorization to create variable pricing

Build and cultivate a wholesale Team-in-a-box

Create net-new revenue from existing accounts


Find and implement the best AI tools to automate your processes

Harness the power of an automated Billing & Charging Suite

Remove barriers like data silos and reduce Time-To-Revenue

Track and improve key revenue performance goals


A next generation firewall is the first critical component. The firewall should be able to both protect your network and subscribers from illegitimate traffic and malicious messaging, but also assess and categorise all your SMS traffic in real time.

Only by knowing everything that is passing across your network can you ensure you an effective monetization strategy in place.

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While SMS A2P traffic continues to grow year on year (9%in 2020), this revenue line is often under-used, and so underperforms for MNOs.

Operators need to take action on this channel – stop grey traffic, shut down SIM farms, stop new grey routes, and especially with the move to eSIMS, work collectively to prevent new abuse.

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Optimising the way you control A2P SMS across your network is an ongoing strategy. There are many variables that can be adopted, from flexible pricing to building direct relationships with brands of expanding wholesale.

The key is ensuring you have visibility of best practice and effective user case studies from other players in the game.

Create new messaging revenue growth



Time was when MNOs simply farmed out their SMS bandwidth to aggregators and offered all you can eat bundles, because managing their SMS traffic was too burdensome and opex-costly.

Not anymore -through automated systems, powered by AI and data we’re enabling operators to efficiently take back control of SMS and make it work hard for their P&L.

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