Bulletproof your Network, Protect Subscribers and Increase Revenues

In the world of mobile network operators, not all is clear-cut and defined. One such area is wholesale SMS and the realm of SMS aggregators and bulk message providers.

Some SMS aggregators make use of “open routes” to deliver huge amounts of SMSs to a network’s subscribers. Hence rather than travelling via established routes, these SMSs bypass the interconnect charges to deliver messages at a lower, wholesale rate. In other words, many SMS aggregators use grey routes to deliver their messages.

Using grey routes is not illegal but as its name implies, it’s a grey area! SMS aggregators or other service providers who use grey routes take advantage of “open windows” at the operator’s end or in some cases, they go so far as to disguise the origin of the message in order to ensure it gets terminated at the intended destination.

Networks which do not use any form of protection against the grey route reality, have little or no control over what types of messages are terminating on their network. Although the majority of SMSs are for the most part harmless or of an informative nature, there is a percentage of fraudulent messages and spam that get through to subscribers’ mobile phones, causing dissatisfaction and potential churn.

Additionally, networks are missing out on revenue from legitimate interworking fees that they could benefit from if they identify where the grey traffic is coming from and who is sending it. In such cases, operators would be in a position to reroute such traffic through legitimate routes ensuring revenue streams in the process.

This is where HAUD can help

Our complete suite of solutions controls and blocks incoming and outgoing traffic on your network, through an intuitive GUI based on rules which operators themselves determine. Each module focuses on a particular method of filtering and modules can either be used as standalone units or in conjunction with each other.

By incorporating SMS filtering, networks are well on their way to securing new revenue streams, protecting their subscribers and fighting the universal headaches of fraud and spam.

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