Control A2P pricing, eliminate grey routes and protect your network.

SS7 Firewall Protection

A centralised enforcement solution that enables monetisation of A2P while protecting communication streams from signalling vulnerabilities.

Smart NForce is a security and revenue assurance platform, that protects both the network and their subscriber from fraud, spam and malicious content.
Protecting and firewalling SS7 and Diameter protocols and preventing A2P revenue leakages by maximising profitability across message formats.

Messaging security

SS7 and Diameter

Spam and fraud


A2P Messaging Firewall

Smart NForce A2P SMS Firewall enables MNOs, aggregators, and messaging hubs to protect their network from malicious content malware and other threats, through superior message filtering options – by keyword, pattern matching, and weighting selection.

SMS Firewall

The solution comes equipped with anti-spamming content fingerprinting, volume filtering, anti-flooding (irregular traffic volume detection and throttling management), and anti-faking – global message title protection.


A2P Monetisation

Smart NForce A2P Monetisation solution enables MNOs, aggregators and hubs to protect their A2P revenues from illegitimate, unmonetised routes from being used for A2P messaging termination purposes, irrespective of these being grey routes or downright black routes.

The solution features the ability to block messages originating from illegitimate routes and across all messaging formats.

Feature Spotlight:

SIM Box Detection

Traditional A2P SMS firewalls ‘mitigate’ the SIM box issue by identifying SIM cards that send relatively high volumes of SMS traffic and communicate offending MSISDNs to the operator to be blocked.

Whilst this can retrospectively block offending SIMs, SIM boxes are becoming more complex to identify because of normal subscriber usage pattern simulations. Blocking SIMs in this fashion only temporarily resolves the issue as these are quickly and easily replaced by new SIM cards.

SIM Box Fraud Detection

SIM Box Fraud Detection

Smart NForce SIM Box control does not rely on the operator to block specific MSISDNs.

Our proactive blocking can filter and control on-net traffic based on message content, effectively rendering futile any attempts to deliver known content over SIM boxes. Smart NForce solution can identify any semi-identical messages sent from specific senders which means that the use of SIM boxes even with new type or modified content can quickly be identified and added to be blocked from on-net and off-net channels through easily implemented rules on the firewall.


A2P USSD Firewall

USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) is a messaging system used by subscribers to check their balance, top-up and access value-added services is currently being used to terminate A2P communication.

To prevent further revenue losses on A2P, Operators need a partner with a solution provider capable of monitoring, managing and monetising across message formats. For operators to widen their A2P monetisation value chain they need:

  • Control USSD for better pricing strategy
  • Live monitoring and filtering of USSD content
  • Fully integrated USSD and SMS within a comprehensive A2P strategy

The system is proven as it is currently protecting networks around the world representing 400 million subscribers, filtering an average of 600 million messages every day.

Our approach to

Smart NForce + Smart Enable

At HAUD, we have decades of combined experience handling the A2P messaging channel for some of the world’s largest mobile network operators, protecting over 400 million subscribers. Our A2P Monetisation Solution rests on a three-stepped perspective:

Audit the MNO’s A2P messaging traffic and establish the propensity of grey-routes, and calculate estimated recoverable revenue.

Installation of our scalable state-of-the-art Smart NForce messaging firewall, which capabilities allow for immediate identification of suspicious messaging traffic as well as management from a centralised system.

Continuous Managed Services – Smart Enable – empowering the blocking of illicit or unwanted messaging traffic and sources recovering revenue while ensuring the operators’ service is maintained.


Signalling Firewall Security

Billions of subscribers are indeed at risk of being targeted in a plethora of methods to extract sensitive information such as retrieve location or financial-based data, and other types of fraud, where if successful, the mobile network operator would suffer significant reputational risk, and subscriber churn.

In business terms, this can be very insidious to the brand and have a significant impact on revenues, so no operator can afford this to happen.

SS7 Vulnerability test - attacks on SS7 networks using SS7 and diameter vulnerabilities
source: Enisa

SS7 and Diameter

Network Protection and Security

SS7 (SS7 2G-3.5G) and Diameter (LTE 4-4.5G), are the main protocols used for connectivity services for billions of telecommunication subscribers worldwide.

Trillions of dollars of business depend on the connectivity services and subscriber-led initiatives that operators have enabled through these protocols

Despite all the functional aspects of these protocols, as enablers of significant change and business opportunities – they come with a set of known vulnerabilities (some age-old, since SS7 protocol knows its origin decades prior to the advent of wireless communication, others a very recent discovery).

SS7 Protection

SS7 Firewall and Diameter – common exploits:

Unaccounted chargeable events

Unauthorised provisioning of subscriber services

Eavesdropping on-call events

service disruption

Illegal retrieval of subscriber data and location

DDoS attacks
on the network

Impact of an SS7 and Diameter attack

Attacks are becoming more frequent, always with higher stakes.

Banks in several countries were the target of an SS7 attack, whereby their customers’ bank accounts were frauded through an interception of sensitive information sent to their subscribers over the protocol.

Another attack could involve nefarious organisations eavesdropping on subscribers’ calls and messages, to intercept sensitive information to the detriment of their safety, privacy, and overall well-being. The latter is especially true for high profile individuals, where targeted attacks can be done towards politicians and high-net-worth individuals.

SS7 Firewall

Attacks are becoming more frequent and sophisticated.

Get the right protection and security.

SS7 protection and Diameter network security

Tailored to the needs of mobile network operators

Operators need to partner with top-level security solution vendors specialised in SS7 and Diameter protocols.

Telco-graded SS7 Firewall and Diameter Network Security and protection solution improves the networks’ security, service stability and viability of the business. Given these threats are equally present in more recent technologies such as the Diameter protocol equal security measures need to be put into place.

SS7 Network Security

End-to-end traffic monitoring and distributed global threat intelligence capability is a must.

The sophistication and intensity with which nefarious individuals and malicious organisations target MNOs – and their subscribers – is nothing short of alarming; subscribers are at risk of having their identities, bank accounts drained and location-information retrieved.

Smart NForce Signalling firewall solution integrates with the MNO’s core network elements to provide comprehensive signalling protection on all the SS7 network security and Diameter operations and commands over internal, interconnect and international links.

Powered by advanced fraud detection algorithms, Smart NForce signalling firewall security solution focuses on an amplitude of protocol parameters, traffic patterns and behaviour to identify, report and proactively perform the required mitigation actions.

Smart NForce Signalling solution adheres fully with the GSMA’s official SS7 Interconnect Security Monitoring and Firewall Guidelines for handling SS7 MAP and CAMEL vulnerabilities as well as the GSMA’s Diameter Interconnect Security Guidelines to ensure full carrier protection against known vulnerabilities on LTE/4G traffic.


Differentiating Factors

End-to-End capability

Proven scalability that can cater for traffic spikes generated on the largest operators globally and unique real-time processing of messages which is also key to control A2P messaging revenue leaks and network security vulnerability.

Managed Services – SmartEnable

Our experienced managed services team already control traffic for MNOs across the globe and shared knowledge enables a proactive approach as new threat mitigation measures are shared across clients preventing the occurrence of bypass attempts before they happen.

SS7 Security – Benefits for operators,
aggregators, and messaging hubs

Stay in control

Protection enabled without any network or service disruption.

Get rid of common threats

Neutralise threats such as Wangiri, SMisihing, GT scanning and malware at source.

Secure the network

Prevent SPAM, fraud, spoofing, malware, and faking from occurring on the network.

Eliminate grey routes and curb revenue losses.

Effective SIM Box detection.

Clear view

Dashboard for reporting, insights, rule-setting, and monitoring of traffic providing the operator with further control.

Native integration

The solution is natively integrated with other solutions in HAUD’s ecosystem, most actively with the Smart NForce – Signalling Security, Smart Charge, Smart XChange, and Smart Bid.

Flexible business models – OPEX, CAPEX, and Rev-Share.

One for all

Monetise A2P traffic on a single platform and across message formats (USSD, RCS, SMS and MMS).

Re-route unmonetised traffic to monetisable channels.


Improve profits, revenues, and cash flows.

Improve the customer experience.

Build a better relationship with partners.

GSMA compliance

The solution is fully compliant with GSMA’s guidelines and standards for securing SS7 and Diameter protocols.

Native integration

The solution is natively integrated with other solutions in HAUD’s ecosystem, most actively with the Smart NForce – A2P Monetisation and Firewall solution.

Ultimate security solution

Complete network protection against threats to the network on both SS7 and Diameter protocols.

Get advantage

Gain comparative advantage as a highly secure operator, aggregator, or hub.


Detect and prevent DoS attack on the network, to ensure continuity of service at all times.


Carrier-grade availability with 99.99% availability and flexible implementation models covering on-premise, hybrid, and cloud.


Protecting subscribers from exploit and fraud-attempts.

Improve the customer experience.

Proprietary solution.

Enhance network protection.

Protection enabled without any network or service disruption.

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