EXECUTE: An effective Messaging Revenue Optimisation strategy enables people, processes and technology to work seamlessly together.

The right tech stack – with automation both enabling real-time data management and facilitating the creation of new client channels – is a game-changer for MNOs. But successful A2P monetisation lies in the combination of automation with human insight and agile processes.

Of all areas of mobile network operators’ business, it is messaging that has seen and undergone some of the greatest transformations.

And there are further changes to come. As organisations accelerate the shift towards digital communications, use cases for business messaging, apps and machine comms will become even more varied and essential.

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HAUDs Messaging Monetisation Series

Introduction: The A2P messaging industry continues to go from strength to strength, with brands everywhere creating more and more use cases to communicate with their customers. SMS remains the trusted channel of choice – with ubiquitous technology and an unrivalled reach and open rate. But maintaining and growing that position – in the face of […]

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Meet HAUD at ACC 2023

We are thrilled to announce that HAUD will be taking part in the highly anticipated Asian Carriers Conference (ACC) 2023, which will be held from September 11th to 15th at the majestic Shangri-La Mactan in Cebu, Philippines. With this year’s theme, “Accelerate. Challenge. Connect.,” this remarkable event is set to lead the way in driving […]

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Meet HAUD at BATIC 2023 in beautiful Bali

Come join us for BATIC 2023, happening from September 5th to 8th at The Westin Resort in Nusa Dua, Bali. Discover more about our Messaging Revenue Optimization solutions, which include A2P messaging monetization and unparalleled mobile network security. We’re excited to have meaningful conversations with you. Bali: a breathtaking backdrop for innovation Nestled amidst the […]

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Why should a Mobile Network Operator worry about Artificially Inflated Traffic? An insight into how it effects their P&L in the long term.

SMS artificially inflated traffic (AIT) refers to the practice of generating fake or fraudulent text messages, often with the goal of defrauding the enterprises which send A2P SMS to their customers. This can happen in a number of ways, including using automated bots to send large numbers of messages, or using stolen identities to send messages on behalf of other users.

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Can you keep PACE? On demand webinar.

Driving A2P revenue growth starts with protecting your subscribers and clients. A2P has proven itself during the pandemic as a critical communication tool for brands worldwide. But what is next for this undervalued revenue generator. HAUD has been investigating what levers MNOs need to pull to extract both sustainable revenue and ongoing growth from this […]

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