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How operators are bleeding A2P revenues from tech giants: A data-driven investigation – On-demand Webinar

One country, three operators and over 1000 A2P tests on each network. Haud ‘s research team wanted to get a snapshot of how much revenue operators are losing from A2P messages generated by tech giants including Facebook, Google, WeChat and Microsoft. On this webinar, we outline the results of a Haud technical investigation designed to understand how SIMbox fraud and grey / illegitimate routes contribute to revenue loss.

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Meet HAUD at ACC 2019

CEBU, Philippines, besides its sublime natural beauty, is a place where the Telco industry converges on a 3-day conference to uncover the future of this highly competitive and valuable industry. The Asian Carriers Conference 2019, where its 15th edition is happening in the first week of September…

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