Meet HAUD at MEF Connect Omnichannel

MEF Connects Omnichannel live from London is 28th – 29th November at the esteemed event facilities of The Honourable Society Of The Inner Temple in London.

HAUD are thrilled to have a session on day 2, 29th November, to delve into a great discussion of ‘Unlocking the Potential of A2P – How the Key Could be Differentiated Pricing.’

A2P SMS faces a number of challenges. OTT players are undercutting the market while using MNO networks to deliver their messages; meanwhile, grey route traffic continues to erode the revenue lines, and price ceilings are beginning to take a bite. So how can operators stymie this trend – and begin to drive growth into the sector that analysts continuously predict should be there. In this session, HAUD shares its data-driven approach to differentiated pricing strategies across the A2P ecosystem – offering insights and actions to help MNOs and their wholesale partners unlock the true value A2P SMS should be delivering for them.