Mobile eID solution for MNOs

Unlock the Future of Digital Identity 

Digital Identity

Unlock the future with Smart ID and deploy the most innovative digital identity solution, specifically crafted for Mobile Operators, that facilitates the digital identity landscape for both consumers and businesses.

In the evolving landscape of digital identity management, SMART ID is, the solution that is uniquely tailored to the MNO’s needs, offering a generational leap in how identities are managed and authenticated.

Streamlining Identity
in the Digital Age

SMART ID is the most efficient mechanism for streamlining digital identities. This comprehensive approach enables the mobile operator to implement a solution that reduces complexity, facilitates seamless interaction, and enhances customer experience.


Security is paramount. SMART ID ensures the highest levels of trust through advanced security measures, such as robust encryption mechanisms that create a secure platform while safeguarding user data and interactions.

Main benefits

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Seamless Onboarding

Experience a password-free onboarding journey with secure and user-friendly authentication that prioritizes efficiency.

Simplified KYC

Achieve complete KYC onboarding with a single click, enhancing trust and value in true identities and reducing cart abandonment.

Trust Unleashed

Embrace the highest level of identity trust, transforming subscriber interactions with brands, governments, and each other.

Monetisation Ownership 

Turn every interaction into a revenue opportunity, from logins to life-changing transactions. Let the Mobile Operator lead the way in identity monetisation.

App-Driven Verification

Automate identity verification within your customers’ apps, enhancing user convenience.

Adapting to Future Technological Landscapes:

SMART ID is designed to be forward-compatible and compliant with many national regulations.

SMART ID for Family

In Smart ID’s Family Product Overview, you can create Family IDs based on each family member, whether an adult or a child profile. These Family IDs help organise and manage family activities without sharing children’s personal information without the guardian’s consent.

SMART ID for Organisation

In Smart ID, you can add an organisation eID (OrgID) based on a user’s role. It serves as an employee ID, member ID, or customer ID, allowing you to link specific attributes to your users without exposing personal data during transactions.

Secure, Streamline and Succeed

Smart ID helps Mobile Network Operators secure a digital future
and streamline identity processes for unparalleled success.