PROTECT: Scaling A2P messaging revenue starts with MNOs protecting and gaining 360 visibility of their network traffic.

The A2P market has soared in value in recent years – with the pandemic bolstering its position as the shining light of the business messaging landscape.

Yet many Mobile Network Operators – left blindsided by its success – are losing billions of dollars in revenue leakage through their failure to capture true business value from this vital channel.

We explain why – without a next-generation firewall to enable MNOs full visibility and control over their network – MNO’s will always struggle to effectively monetize their A2P traffic, and potentially worse – could undermine the value of this channel.

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How operators are bleeding A2P revenues from tech giants: A data-driven investigation – On-demand Webinar

One country, three operators and over 1000 A2P tests on each network. Haud ‘s research team wanted to get a snapshot of how much revenue operators are losing from A2P messages generated by tech giants including Facebook, Google, WeChat and Microsoft. On this webinar, we outline the results of a Haud technical investigation designed to understand how SIMbox fraud and grey / illegitimate routes contribute to revenue loss.

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A2P SMS revenue loss: Asian focus

Nefarious organisations, as well as lone operators, can essentially eat-up a significant portion of Application-to-Person messaging (it goes beyond SMS) revenues from Mobile Network Operators with no considerable investment requirement. As indicated in a previous article which focused on SIM box activity in Europe, SIM box activity is wide-ranging and global. A $60 billion business opportunity is at stake here. 

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