Chapter 4| A Pivotal moment for A2P SMS

Overall what we are seeing, then, is an industry vertical facing a pivotal moment.

If, together, those with an interest in securing a lucrative future for SMS A2P take action now, then the opportunity to 10X revenues from the channel are certainly there. 

But if collectively we don’t, then this could be the start of a terminal decline and a huge missed opportunity for network operators. 

HAUD believes in the former, which is why we have produced this ebook, to encourage and support MNOs to take a fresh approach to A2P SMS. We’ve based it on our own strategy – our Messaging Revenue Optimisation program – as obviously it’s the approach we know best. But the elements explained below can be utilised by any MNO seeking to redefine their approach with the right data-driven solutions and resources in place.

Next Chapter

In the next chapter we introduce Messaging Revenue Optimisation and getting you on the road to continuous sustainable revenue growth

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