HAUD named global best security solution provider – for the second year running

For the second year in a row, messaging security and revenue specialists HAUD have been named best security solution provider in the Carrier Community Global Awards.

The award is handed to the business delivering the most effective messaging firewall, at a global level, incorporating both security and value added services.

In HAUD’s case, particular reference was made to how the firewall not only stops harmful traffic, but also integrates unique revenue generation capabilities for the MNO’s the Swedish brand works with.

HAUD has achieved this thanks to the real-time monitoring and categorisation tools it’s firewall brings to the market. By empowering MNO’s to see every single message that flows across their network to their customers, it enables operators to do several things.

Firstly, to stop any malicious or illegitimate traffic – such as scams, spam and fraudulent messaging – from reaching end users. And because HAUD operates globally and has access to the widest database of current threats, its managed service rapidly eliminates unwanted messaging – securing the network for the MNO.

Secondly, by offering real-time categorisation of messaging, as well as its class-leading approach to Messaging Revenue Optimisation, HAUD helps its clients wake the ‘sleeping giant’ of messaging profitability.

Speaking immediately after the win, HAUD’s Chief Commercial Officer, Colin Brown, said: “We’re delighted to have once again been named the best security solution provider.

“It’s a testament to the entire organisation’s focus on driving innovation into the messaging market, by utilising the power of the firewall to not only protect, but to support growth and revenue generation.

“SMS remains a valuable tool for brands wanting to reach their customers, so our focus at HAUD is on ensuring it remains so by securing the channel, and helping MNO’s secure sustainable revenues through more effective customer relationships.”

The award was handed out at the Europe 2022 GCCM summit in Berlin on June 23rd, as part of the Carrier Community Global Awards 2022. The summit included both the global awards ceremony, as well as a range of knowledge-sharing, networking and content sessions – with a global attendance of hundreds of MNO employees. HAUD also scooped up the award in 2021.