Telkom Indonesia selects HAUD

Telekom Indonesia, one of the largest operators globally, is now benefitting from HAUD’s market and industry expertise to maximise its revenue potential from its A2P SMS Business. HAUD will also be securing Telkom’s network and protecting its subscribers from SS7 vulnerabilities and fraudulent attacks.

The managed service agreement with HAUD ensures that Telkom Indonesia will not miss out on any lost A2P revenue, and its subscribers are protected from spam and fraudulent SMS traffic. Through its pioneering Revenue-as-a-Service approach, HAUD will manage the entire A2P monetisation process, from traffic identification and blocking, to redirection of traffic to monetisable channels, without requiring any initial investment from the MNO.

With over 157 million subscribers, Telkom Indonesia is the seventh largest mobile network operator (MNO) in the world. The agreement follows a successful trial in which HAUD deployed a bespoke firewall solution with 24/7 monitoring and carried out an in-depth traffic audit of millions of SMS messages.

HAUD’s mobile network firewall provides modular, 360 degree protection against SS7 security vulnerabilities, fraud and spam SMS, while preventing grey route traffic that bypasses network termination fees. Its range of packages effectively ring-fence networks from malicious messages, while improving customer experience and revenue assurances.

Mårten Björkman, SVP Asia Pacific at HAUD, said: “Revenue-as-a-Service is a new approach to helping operators to make the most of all possible income streams available to them. The global A2P SMS market is worth billions, but many operators are not equipped to claim their fair share, and routinely lose out on large amounts of revenue due to the ongoing use of grey routes.

“Being given this opportunity to work with one of the largest MNOs on the planet is a real vote of confidence in HAUD’s managed service offering. HAUD’s knowledge and experience of the global A2P and fraud landscape can help MNOs like Telkom Indonesia stay in control of their networks with a minimal outlay of resources.”


Michael Adiguna, AVP Sales Strategy, Telkom Indonesia, said: “The agreement with HAUD was particularly attractive, and the ability to deliver results almost instantly was impressive. With our revenues maximised and network utilisation improved, we can focus on delivering the quality of service that modern mobile users demand.

“With hundreds of millions of messages sent across our network every day, ensuring spam and fraudulent SMS messages are blocked is vital. HAUD’s solution makes sure that the messages our subscribers receive are from genuine, trustworthy sources.”

Asia is widely considered the biggest market globally for A2P SMS and HAUD works with a number of other MNOs in the region. With the addition of Telkom Indonesia to its customer base, HAUD is now protecting over 10 per cent of the subscribers in the region.