BulkGuard, Your SMS Kaleidoscope

As Application-to-Person (A2P) traffic increases, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) may find that it is wreaking havoc on their networks. Although this increase is good news for networks who receive legitimate A2P traffic which are billed for accordingly, MNOs need to consider the effects that unwanted or recoverable A2P traffic may have once it terminates illegitimately on a network.

Simply put, one of the effects of A2P traffic that terminates on a network via grey routes, meaning that the operator is not being paid for the delivery of this traffic to its subscribers, is a loss of revenue. Compare this to not paying your sales team their commissions? Not very fair for the sales team, right?

In order to help MNOs address these issues, HAUD Systems has developed its flagship module, BulkGuard, which acts as a flood protection filter that singles out and detects any bulk traffic through the use of pattern recognition algorithms. It reinforces your network against SMS attacks from unwanted sources and filters may be set globally or on a country by country basis. Since results are presented in a readable format, Fraud and Revenue Assurance teams can analyse, block and re-route unsolicited traffic and re-set filters accordingly. What’s more is that thresholds may be set on the HAUD platform itself such that these may protect against flooding and also alert the users of anomalous increases in traffic from particular originators towards the MNO’s network.

Incorporating HAUD’s BulkGuard module gives MNOs peace of mind that their network is protected against SMS attacks and particularly flood protection, whilst being flexible enough to allow MNOs to establish filters on a country by country basis and re-set depending on emerging bulk traffic trends.

For more information about BulkGuard and how it can add value to your network, please send an email to [email protected] and we’ll be happy to assist.