Fragmentation in the A2P messaging business

Mobile network operators, aggregators and messaging hubs are facing significant challenges with safeguarding their messaging business.

The fragmentary nature of the whole A2P lifecycle business fundamentally impedes the full realisation of this burgeoning business opportunity. Typically more than four vendors are required to enable the full lifecycle to come to life, with significant management challenges and complexity that take away resources from the core business interests. This is what HAUD’s A2P smart ecosystem resolves.

To enable a successful A2P business, most players have to engage a wholesale platform; in protecting the messaging revenues thereafter, a messaging firewall; to secure SS7 and Diameter protocols – a signalling security solution; and to maximise revenues further, other technologies – such as charging, rating and demand generation platforms – will be needed to complement the already discordant mix of solutions.

This configuration is highly capital intensive and creates opportunity costs. Moreover, most solutions underperform and provide yet another challenge for the clients in this all too common scenario.

One Ecosystem, One Partner

The enabling, monetising, protection, and maximisation of A2P messaging makes perfect sense in such pressing times. It is an opportunity to establish, generate, increase and protect messaging revenues. 

HAUD’s smart ecosystem solution serves the end-to-end requirements of customers of any size. The experience of servicing operators with over 400 million subscribers in aggregate, provides the right mix of culture, technology, agility and insight to enable all the pieces of the A2P revenue puzzle for clients in the messaging ecosystem. 

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