HAUD leads the way with brand refresh

Since it was founded in 2011, HAUD has significantly expanded its SMS firewall and A2P monetisation solution, as well as its product offering to include mobile network traffic audits, SS7 security and fully managed service options.

To ensure the brand is evolving to mirror the company’s offerings, we engaged a team of communications’ experts 12 months ago to assist in a rebrand process. This saw us consider crucial factors, such as what our customers are looking for, and how we can work to achieve it.

We also reassessed our long-term goals and answered the question: Where do we want to be in the next 3-5 years? The answer, put simply, is to retain our leadership status as the go-to service provider for telecoms security, and become the partner of choice for the mobile communications industry.

As the go-to partner for MNOs that want to control network quality, revenue leakage and customer experience, using the supporting statement ‘Stay in Control,’ captures the essence of what the brand represents and reflects the end-to-end service we offer all customers.

haud-logo-white-bgThe visual and verbal cues that support the brand are equally important so we refreshed the logo and supporting colour pallet to embody the energy and drive within the company, and the fresh approach we’re taking to the telecoms security market as a whole.

Locked in by the shield which embodies the durable, controlled and strong user experience has been retained to mirror these core values and principles that have driven the company forward since day one.

All in all, it was a thorough and rewarding exercise that allowed us to change visual elements of HAUD’s brand identity and embellish our existing strengths and values, without losing our established position in the market.

We’re looking forward to working under this new visual brand and taking HAUD to the next level.

Desiree Bone, Head of Brand and Marketing, HAUD