HAUD Systems White Paper: Grey is the new green

In conjunction with Telecoms.com, we are pleased to share our latest white paper entitled, Grey is the new green: cashing in on the A2P opportunity.

In today’s competitive landscape, operators can’t afford to turn a blind eye to any revenue medium. The long-fabled death of SMS as a primary revenue stream has yet to fully materialise, as the decline of the messaging medium as a revenue source has failed to accelerate as initially expected.

The white paper delves into the monetary value in SMS for operators the world over; unfortunately, however, not all operators recognise this opportunity, which in itself is a part of the problem. A lack of action in monetising the SMS opportunity results from a distinct lack of awareness in some quarters, as operators strive to find the latest and greatest. The potential that remains for SMS, however, is being undermined by illegitimate SMS delivery aggregators that exploit unregulated or unprotected markets to terminate SMS delivery, while avoiding payment of necessary operator fees. As a consequence, operators are missing out on a significant amount of revenue due to revenue leaks from messaging being terminated over these “grey routes”.

Download the white paper from here.