Transforming Risk into Revenue

Businesses in all industries are constantly on the look out for new revenue opportunities and mobile network operators (MNOs) are no exception in their drive to improve financial performance whilst keeping their subscribers satisfied.

A closer look at the types of traffic terminating on an operator’s network may pose an opportunity for operators to hit two birds with one stone – to increase revenue streams whilst simultaneously maintaining high levels of subscriber satisfaction.

This sweet spot lies in the detection of open route traffic terminating on an operator’s network. If detected and properly analysed, a percentage of this grey traffic may be legitimised into a new revenue stream. Additionally, the reduction in fraudulent or Spam traffic will have a direct impact on keeping subscribers safe from fraud and spam threats, resulting in a decline in customer disgruntlement and churn.

By using an adequate filtering solution that can determine and provide such information an MNO can detect, analyse and block according to the types of traffic that are terminating on its network.

HAUD Systems has developed a proprietary, scalable solution made up of a suite of modules that monitor and filter incoming and outgoing SMS and Voice traffic, giving operators a unique insight into the monetisation of recoverable and legitimate traffic.

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