Stay in Control of your Network
Take the ring-fence approach to control SS7 and SMS traffic on your network. Monitor all access points into your network. 

Stay in Control of Wholesale Revenue
Eliminate grey route traffic from entering your network and direct wanted traffic through your official SMS gateways. 

Stay in Control of Customer Experience
Protect your subscribers from unwanted messages, ensuring a positive customer experience and reducing churn rate.

a2p monetisation solution HAUD

A2P SMS Monetisation Solution

A combination of an advanced traffic SMS firewall coupled with an expert team controlling and recovering and monetising SMS traffic. This solution enables clients to maximise their SMS revenue and offer a better customer experience for their subscribers.

ss7 protection firewall haud

SS7 Protection

An effective and reliable protection against SS7 threats and vulnerabilities. 360-degree network protection with advanced threat detection combined with a a comprehensive security product.

sms firewall managed services

Managed Services

HAUD’s managed service allows for quick results to be achieved by avoiding the learning curve and operational costs required to configure, maintain and monitor the firewall.

Probe Testing

HAUD’s probe solution enables operators to simulate traffic and identify sources sending SMS into their network giving valuable information in a non-intrusive manner. This service is commonly used to verify the effectiveness of installed SMS firewalls or traffic control solutions.

Charge Control

Enabling charging by SMS content, delivery status and packet type.

BodyGuard — Personal Firewall

Subscriber controlled anti-spam filtering for SMS. Increase customer satisfaction and security while reducing operations and resources.

a2p monetisation solution HAUD

SMS Wholesale Platform

Complete A2P SMS platform for your A2P business and managing your partners and clients.

traffic audit services


Evolved real-time business and operations support. A converged and pre-integrated end-to-end solution.

Libera — SMS Retail Platform

A fully featured self-care messaging platform, built for SMS wholesale business.

SIM Farm

Detection, localisation and blocking of voice fraud over SIM boxes.

Messaging and Security Consultancy

HAUD is a team of professionals with expertise in network solutions. We work closely with MNOs to achieve maximum results in revenue assurance and network protection.