Stay in control of your Network

Take the ring-fence approach to control SS7, Diameter and SMS traffic on your network. Monitor all access points into your network. 

Stay in control of Wholesale Revenue

Eliminate grey route traffic from entering your network and direct wanted traffic through your official SMS gateways. 

Stay in control of Customer Experience

Protect your subscribers from unwanted messages, ensuring positive customer experience and reducing churn rate.

# Monetisation Solutions

A2P Monetisation Solution

Maximise your A2P monetisation through the use of an advanced SMS firewall together with an expert managed services team that constantly monitors, controls and ensures that your A2P SMS is channelled through paid channels.

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SMS Probe Testing

Audit your current effectiveness in monetising your A2P SMS traffic. Our Probe Testing gives you visibility on how effectively you are controlling your A2P SMS.

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Voice SIM Farm Detection

Telco-graded detection, localisation, and blocking of voice fraud over SIM boxes.

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# Security Solutions

SS7 and Diameter Firewall Protection

Protect your network against SS7 and Diameter attacks as highlighted and suggested by the GSM Association. Avoid reputational damage and potential churn that can be caused by publicised instances of leaked information about your subscribers.

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# Control Solutions

Managed Services

Let us take care of the management of your SMS firewall. Leave it to the experts and avoid having to invest in building knowledge and a team of resources. Hit the ground running and start monetising from day one.

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Charge Control

HAUD deploys the charge control tools to be able to segregate traffic by various SMS parameters to then categorise and charge traffic as needed.

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SMS Wholesale Platform

Complete A2P SMS platform for your A2P business and managing your partners and clients.

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BodyGuard — Personal Firewall

HAUD’s Personal SMS firewall enables you to keep a good customer experience by offering the benefit for your subscribers to block messages from specific sources. This also complies with many local anti-spam regulations across the globe that require MNOs to offer such protection to their subscribers.

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Messaging and Security Consultancy

HAUD is a team of professionals with expertise in network solutions. We work closely with MNOs to achieve maximum results in revenue assurance and network protection.

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