Stay in control of Network Messaging Security

Take control of your Network Messaging security, by enabling the Smart protection of SS7, Diameter and all messaging traffic on your network. Firewall all your access points, enabling you to protect your customers, brand and revenue.  

Stay in control of A2P Messaging Revenue 

Manage the lifecycle of your A2P Messaging revenue, from your wholesale offering and billing to enforcement and control, eliminating grey routes, managing costs and profitability, making you the Smart choice in the A2P business. 

Stay in control of Customer Experience

Taking the Smart approach to customer experience by Protecting your network, brand and subscribers from fraud, faking and unwanted content, ensuring a positive customer experience, increasing brand awareness, and reducing churn. 

# Monetisation Solutions

Smart NForce – A2P Monetisation 

Maximise your A2P messaging monetisation through the use of an advanced messaging firewall together with an expert managed services team that continually monitors, controls, and ensures that your A2P messaging is terminated through paid channels.

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Smart XChange 

Complete end to end A2P messaging platform that enables and manages your A2P business, replete with features and benefits targeted towards mobile network operators, hubs, and aggregators.

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Smart Charge 

Smart Charge enables differentiated charging on traffic by various parameters to heighten revenue yield.

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Smart Enable 

Let us take care of the management of your A2P monetisation and messaging firewall requirements. Leave it to the experts and avoid having to invest in building a team of resources. Hit the ground running and start monetising from day one.

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Smart Bid 

Smart Bid is a demand generation solution targeted towards mobile network operators to enhance their A2P revenue yield and controlling traffic monetisation agreements.

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# Security Solutions

Smart NForce – Signalling Security

Protect your network against SS7 and Diameter attacks as highlighted by the GSM Association. Avoid reputational damage and potential churn that can be caused by publicised instances of leaked information about your subscribers. 

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Smart NForce – Messaging Firewall 

Protect your network from spam, malware, flooding, faking (GT), and spoofing with a firewall capable of detecting irregular traffic volumes through superior message filtering and pattern matching technology. 

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