With HAUD’s A2P SMS Monetisation Solution, you can take the ring-fence approach to controlling A2P SMS traffic on your network. HAUD’s proprietary technology provides complete visibility of all A2P messages entering your network, from international and national interconnect routes, as well as local SMPP access points.

HAUD’s SMS firewall complemented by our fully managed service, are packaged to offer an unparalleled A2P Monetisation Solution, constantly identifying and filtering sources of SMS Bypass on your network. HAUD’s expert knowledge and market intelligence, help you eliminate grey route usage and redirect traffic to your authorised and monetised gateways.

As a result, not only does the solution enable you to optimise A2P monetisation within hours of deployment, it also helps you protect your subscribers from SMS fraud and spam.

A2P Monetisation Key Features

BulkGuard Module

Pre-emptive module that singles out and detects machine generated or bulk traffi­c. It serves to detect suspicious SMS traffic through pattern recognition over a span of time.

HardBlock Modules

The primary function of HardBlock modules is to control SMS traffic by specific parameters such as originating GT, SMSC GT, source, destination IMSI and various other parameters.

MatchGuard Modules

Unique advanced filtering functionality enabling creation of compound rules from across different modules. The MatchGuard functionalities allow granular and targeted rules guaranteeing flexibility in the way SMS traffic is filtered through the SMS firewall.

Customised for the Needs of Your Network

HAUD works with you to audit the traffic on your network to clearly understand your needs.
Using this information, HAUD creates and deploys the right solutions and firewall settings for your operations, so you can reach your full A2P SMS monetisation potential.


This module parses message content and enable SMS traffic filtering based on content pattern or specific keywords or phrases. A necessary tool to control traffic from anonymised sources such as randomised numeric SIDs or SIM boxes.


Intercepts SRI Response to ensure traffic for outbound roaming subscribers is redirected and can then be filtered by the HAUD Firewall.

Quarantine (Optional)

Retains messages in a temporary data store for further analysis.

Active/Passive Mode

Active mode allows changes made by authorised users to have an immediate effect on live traffic. In passive mode, the module gathers traffic information and alerts the user to unusual events.

SMS and Email Alerts

Offers user-defined alerts, based on pre-set thresholds.

Traffic monitoring

Monitors all inbound A2P SMS including international, local interconnection and SMPP traffic.

Statistical and Graphical Reporting

Provides user-defined scheduled and on-demand traffic reports, available in CSV or graphical PDF format.

Time Options

Allows users to set a date and time for a rule to come into effect, enabling the application of ‘Do Not Disturb’ services to subscribers.

Optional Event Data Records

Intercepts SRI Response to ensure traffic for outbound roaming subscribers is redirected and can then be filtered by the HAUD Firewall.

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