Build direct A2P business opportunities with wholesale or enterprise clients.

A2P monetisation for your business

A platform that enables direct A2P business opportunities with wholesale or enterprise clients.

Catering for any message format, direct routing, conversion, and connecting through a superior A2P Gateway.

A2P Monetization – SmartXChange platform

The platform is provisioned with full reporting, dashboards, real-time throughput data, financial insights, and pricing, with opportunity identification and margin analysis, including intelligent routing based on various conditions such as least cost routing.

haud smart xchange intuitive dashboard to manage A2P messaging channel


real time data for mnos


financial reposts and insights for A2P sms monetisation



A2P Wholesale Platform

HAUD’s Smart XChange A2P platform enables mobile network operators, aggregators, and hubs to build and manage their wholesale messaging business.

A2P messaging and communication is still big business. Industry reports regularly portray how effective SMS (alongside other message formats for marketing) is for reaching out to current or prospective customers.

A2P Monetisation - Haud Smart XChange SMS open rate and SMS response rate statistic
A2P Monetisation - Person-to-Person SMS revenues globally

It is no secret that most operators and global messaging aggregators are seeing the decline in international and domestic P2P SMS, and this increasingly commoditised service creates undue pressures on revenue generation and the need for new or improved sources of income, such that A2P can provide.

Account Management

HAUD’s A2P Smart XChange platform enables Telco players and enterprises to manage their A2P messaging business and A2P monetisation – providing total control and visibility on:

A2P Monetisation – Account Management

Enabling users to manage supplier and client accounts.

A2P Monetisation -Least Cost Routing

Automatic selection of the most cost-effective route.

Margin Protection

Configurable alerts and profitability filters including negative margin protection.

Routing Engine

Effectively routing messages across connections and inter-protocols based on numerous conditions.

Billing and Invoicing

Across the marketplace for effective reconciliation.

Message Composer

Highly intuitive and replete with features to empower users for more effective messaging campaigns.

A2P Monetization - Graphical user interface

Graphical user interface

The platform comes with intuitive dashboards for agility and real-time reporting, maximising business visibility, and revenues.


A2P Enterprise Platform

On an enterprise-level, partner companies are equipped with a highly intuitive dashboard to manage their A2P messaging channel, content, campaigns, A2P monetisation and credit balance.

In-depth reporting is an integral component of the enterprise view of the platform, thereby providing enterprises of any size, whether they are a big, global social network, or a local pizzeria – the same ability to reach out, engage, and maintain an open communication level with their current – or potential customers.


A2P Gateway

Smart XChange A2P Gateway enables customers the ability to open connections globally without any infrastructure requirements.

The limitations and complexity associated with dated gateways are over, as with easy management, stability, and a full set of features for revenue-generation, including an A2P Gateway messaging filtering solution, come out of the box with the Smart XChange A2P Gateway.

real time data for mnos

Powered by SmartCharge

A2P Charging

Smart XChange A2P charging module enables mobile network operators, hubs and aggregators to protect their A2P messaging margins while maximising revenue yields.

Through real-time and near-real-time features such as negative margin indicators and automatic rating updates per destination, alongside differentiated pricing per message based on categorisation such as A2P 2FA, MFA, marketing, premium traffic and more, Smart Charge connected to Smart XChange fulfills the MNOs, hubs and aggregators’ requirements to further control their A2P business outlook, incentivising growth while maximsing this revenue stream.

financial reposts and insights for A2P sms monetisation


A2P Monetisation – Benefits

  • Enables the improvement of the MNOs, messaging hubs and aggregators’ A2P revenue yield.
  • Positions the MNO, hub, and aggregators in control of their A2P messaging business.
  • Immediate revenue increase across all A2P message formats – SMS, MMS, RCS, and USSD.
  • Flexible pricing and rate planning management.
  • Least-Cost-Routing feature – enabling the selection of the most advantageous messaging routes based on specific criteria, one of which is the profit margin.
  • Margin alerts for maximum profitability and preventing losses.
  • Routing engine configurable for maximisation of revenue opportunities over message type and connection.

  • Flexible technical implementation covering on-premise, cloud, and hybrid arrangements.
  • SMSC module – stores and delivers A2P messages.
  • Messaging Core is the ‘central nervous system’ which enables the full functioning of the solution, thereby achieving a smooth and scalable messaging delivery for operators, aggregators, and hubs.
  • Automatic rate-sheet updates through API or email.
  • Rate updates can be instantaneous or scheduled in full support of assigned business processes.
  • Full character sets support enabling global business and multi-language support from the get-go.
  • A2P messaging filtering solution supporting all messaging formats – RCS, SMS, USSD, and MMS.
  • SMS Hubbing module to reduce complexity on international message hubbing.
  • Highly intuitive user interface thereby reducing the learning curve on staff – quicker route to revenue.
  • Highly intuitive A2P composer module empowering wholesale and enterprise clients the facility to send messages through a rapid set-up with virtually no requirements on the client-side.
  • A unified communication platform that supports OTA messaging from third-party messaging apps, such as Whatsapp, Telegram and Facebook. In-depth reporting configured for agile responses and margin protection.

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