Traffic Audit Services provide Mobile Network Operators (MNO) with the basis for a business case to consider the acquisition of a solution for generating new revenues from SMS whilst keeping out unwanted sources of traffic. This service analyses the SS7 and SMS traffic of a MNO over a period of approximately 6 to 8 weeks.

Based on the categorisation of this data, HAUD offers recommendations on:

  • How best to maximise network performance
  • Generate revenues from the monetisation of recoverable A2P traffic
  • Blocking Spam and Fraud SMS
  • Reducing subscriber churn

Benefit of the Traffic Audit Services:

  • A non-intrusive online or offline evaluation
  • Consultation on SS7 vulnerability protection
  • A2P traffic information and categorisation
  • A comprehensive A2P monetisation forecast
  • Guidance to overcome fraudulent, malicious and spam traffic

How does the Traffic Audit Services access and sort traffic?

The first step is for the MNO to supply traffic traces to a secure, dedicated HAUD server in either hourly or daily batches over a Virtual Private network (VPN). SMS traces refer to a log of traffic that originates or terminates on an MNO’s network, which can be shared in industry standard PCAP format.

HAUD then analyses the traffic traces, by using the HAUD firewall solution to identify and categorise traffic. The traffic analysis will identify:

  • The traffic origin
  • Bulk traffic
  • A2P traffic
  • Spam and fraud traffic including Cat. 1 and 3 SS7 fraud such as:
    • Spoofing
    • Faking
    • Subscriber location info attempts
  • Similar content and/or typical nuisance content

Once the traffic is analysed, HAUD can categorise the traffic into 5 types:

  • P2P Traffic – this is traffic from the MNOs interconnect partners’ subscriber for their subscriber
  • A2P Traffic – this is traffic originating from applications which is further split into
    • Recoverable A2P – this is A2P traffic that subscribers wish to receive and should route to the MNOs preferred SMS gateway for monetisation
    • Unwanted A2P – this is fraud, spam and other SS7 traffic which is damaging for both MNOs subscribers and network performance and must be blocked
    • Legitimate – This is the A2P traffic which the MNO is already monetising through wholesale agreements.

Prevention is better than cure

At the end of the audit, you will receive a tailored Recommendations Report including clear traffic statistics and also important recommendations on how to eliminate spam and fraud through the implementation of preventive measures in HAUD’s solutions.

The Recommendations Report is presented to the MNO in detail with a full explanation of the findings. The detailed review presents an accurate forecast of A2P revenue potential through identifying traffic volumes and dividing these into specific detailed categories which identify losses in each area.

What’s in it for you?

To secure your network and safeguard subscribers from SS7 and SMS fraud, understanding the traffic passing through your access points is crucial. HAUD’s Traffic Audit Services provides you with the foundation for a business case to consider a solution which generates new revenues from A2P SMS monetisation. If you are ready to take a closer look at your network’s activity, contact us for a presentation and discussion about HAUD’s Traffic Audit Services.